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Puerto Rico High Fashion Week 2011 – New Generation 2

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The second block of New Generation began with the collection of Diana Vazquez inspired by the Greek goddess Juno, responsible for the creation of peacock feathers. Within its repertoire of fashion, the designer incorporated materials and textures that had not previously worked, such as print and feathers. “I noticed a canvas print and jumped to the challenge, had never worked with stamped” he said. To give harmony, textures and pleats Vazquez joined with shadows and shapes, which ensures that flowed according to chose the materials they worked. The organza asymmetrical cuts and remain as the style of the dressmaker, while feathers and whole pieces in faux leather make their appearance to give maturity.

The parade continued with a more relaxed, hippie brought by Vanessa Aviles, a collection based on a more pleasant fashion, as the designer is a firm believer that “one should not sacrifice comfort for women to look good “. Bohemian Diva, as her collection is called, takes a turn into hippie style that makes it look more contemporary and sophisticated, and that the cuts were loose and flying, to give an airy and relaxing touch. Its creator claims that this proposal is the women are closest to everyday, real woman on the street who wants to look good, and above all feel good.

Ghabriello Fernando continued the evening with a brilliant parade of costumes executed to perfection and with great technique. The slides for the young man worked out for their incredible elegance and femininity. But if something dawned in his collection Endless Night, inspired by the forties and the world wars of the era, was the use of plastic material that the designer chose to be innovative and to bring the classic cuts today used. Your final breath away suit many, and which included the addition of a skirt made of plastic mesh, texture handcrafted and brought from New York.

“Minimalist, futuristic” and was classified Umbra designer, Hector Omar, who accentuated the female form with triangular sections, playing with masculine styles for strength and style. Meanwhile, Giovanni Edzel closed the night with an elegant and above all, classical, using loops and circles combined with pearls and subtle colors evoking a woman of sixty, thus putting the final touch to a night filled with brilliant success talent.

Betsy Fabian – reporter
José Carlos Rivera Diaz – Photographer



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